Need advice on driving

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    Lori Mosca 1 year ago

    We have had to tell our Father that he can't drive anymore and we took away his keys. He's really frustrated. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to help him get through this?

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    Mike 1 year ago

    When we were dealing with the same issue we just took the keys away at first to be sure he couldn't drive.  However, seeing the car in the garage was a constant reminder to our Dad that he couldn't drive and so we decided to move the car to my sister’s house. Not seeing the car everyday made things better.

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    Jodie Bousfield 1 year ago

    Have you checked out lesson 6 on safety? There's great advice in it about driving that you might find useful. 

  • L
    Lori Mosca 1 year ago

    Thanks to you both! Moving the car makes total sense. I will go take a look at the lesson too. 

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    Ruth Simmons 1 year ago

    My husband had a minor "fender bender" that  frightened us both.  We were able to discus what happened.  We told our Dr. &he suggestedd that my husband stop driving and Ted agreed readily. Our Dr. said that this was the easiest thing he had ever done!

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    Jeannette 1 year ago

    having the car"disappear" seemslike a really good idea

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