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How Personal Support Workers Can Support Dementia Care

Event Date: February 9th, 2023
Personal support workers play a vital role in helping caregivers of persons with dementia provide better care for their loved ones. This time, Dr. Anthony Levinson will be joined by Miranda Ferrier, who is the CEO of the Ontario Personal Support Workers and Canadian Support Workers Associations. Together we will delve into the specific ways in which personal support workers can assist caregivers, including providing hands-on care for dementia patients, offering respite for caregivers, and helping to manage the challenging behaviours associated with dementia. Additionally, our experts will discuss the concerns that caregivers may have when working with personal support workers, such as issues of trust and communication, and offer tips for addressing these concerns.
Dr. Anthony Levinson

Dr. Anthony Levinson

Neuropsychiatrist, Director, Division of e-Learning Innovation, McMaster University

At the Division of e-Learning Innovation, Dr. Levinson exercises his passion for researching and developing online solutions to deliver high-quality health educational experiences to both the public and health care professionals. iGeriCare provides a unique opportunity to leverage his expertise in mental health and learning technologies to create a modern and engaging approach to dementia education.

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