Genetics Demystified: Understanding Your Risk for Dementia

Event Date: January 1st, 2024
Dr. Tricia Woo and Anthony Levinson demystify the role that genetics and other non-modifiable risk factors play in a person's risk of developing dementia. Discover the difference between sporadic and familial Alzheimer disease and learn about the role of susceptibility genes in increasing your risk. Learn about genetic testing and who should get a test. Explore how to reduce your risk, delay the onset, or slow the progression of dementia by addressing various modifiable risk factors to reduce damage to the brain and to increase capacity. This webinar was presented in collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk, Hamilton and Halton.
Dr. Anthony Levinson

Dr. Anthony Levinson

Neuropsychiatrist, Director, Division of e-Learning Innovation, McMaster University

At the Division of e-Learning Innovation, Dr. Levinson exercises his passion for researching and developing online solutions to deliver high-quality health educational experiences to both the public and health care professionals. iGeriCare provides a unique opportunity to leverage his expertise in mental health and learning technologies to create a modern and engaging approach to dementia education.

Dr. Tricia Woo

Dr. Tricia Woo

Geriatrician, Associate Professor, McMaster University

Dr. Tricia Woo is a geriatrician and an Associate Professor at McMaster University. She has a keen interest in inter-professional education and increasing the profile of geriatric medicine among medical students in Canada. Dr. Woo is currently the Program Director for the Geriatric Medicine Residency Program at McMaster.

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