Lesson Outline

The impact on the cognitive skills of people with dementia means that many everyday tasks become risky. For example:
  • If people lose the ability to recognize the environment they are in, they may become disoriented, wander and become lost.
  • Driving is a very complicated skill and people with even mild cognitive impairment may not be able to drive.
  • Cooking and smoking are both fire hazards and not only impact the person with dementia but also those around them.
  • Taking medications at the right time and in the right amount may become challenging.
  • A person may no longer be able to manage their finances if they lose the ability to plan, organize, perform calculations or if their judgement is impaired.
Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to support people with dementia who may be at risk.

Learn the answers to the following questions:

What are the best ways to reduce the risk of wandering and getting lost?

What are the risks of driving for people with dementia?

How do you minimize the risks associated with cooking and smoking?

How do you best manage medications?

What steps can be taken to protect the finances of a person with dementia?