Hearing Loss & Dementia

Event Date: March 4th, 2020

Marilyn Reed from Baycrest Health Sciences helped us examine the relationships between hearing loss and cognition. Looking at how to diagnose hearing loss in a person living with dementia, the many benefits of hearing aids, and alternative communication strategies for those who are hearing impaired.


Marilyn Reed, MA

Senior Audiologist, Practise Advisor, Baycrest Health Sciences

Since emigrating to Canada Marilyn has worked in a variety of clinical settings, with a focus on geriatrics, rehabilitation and clinical research in the area of hearing and cognition.

She is currently the principal investigator on a Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovations SPARK grant ‘Enhancing visibility of hearing loss with in-office screening in a Memory Clinic’ and a PHAC New Brunswick Healthy Seniors Project grant examining the provision of a community-based hearing rehabilitation program for at-risk seniors.


Dr. Anthony Levinson

Neuropsychiatrist, Director, Division of e-Learning Innovation, McMaster University

At the Division of e-Learning Innovation, Dr. Levinson exercises his passion for researching and developing online solutions to deliver high-quality health educational experiences to both the public and health care professionals. IGeriCare provides a unique opportunity to leverage his expertise in mental health and learning technologies to create a modern and engaging approach to dementia education.

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